For making Sanskrit "less inscrutible" for anyone interested, and because I like Maharashtrian pronunciation. :)

skrutable is a toolkit and online workbench providing useful functions for working with Sanskrit text, specifically: transliteration, scansion, meter identification, and (through the amazing work of Oliver Hellwig and Sebastian Nehrdich) sandhi and compound splitting.

Other tools have their advantages, too, but skrutable brings several new things to the table, including:

Whether you're a beginning student or an advanced scholar, skrutable is there to help you understand and enjoy Sanskrit language and literature.

skrutable was first presented to the scholarly community on 12 Jan 2022 (mp4 ↓ of full talk, 36 min) (pdf ↓ of paper). A follow-up demo that includes latest updates is scheduled for 13 Jan 2023 (mp4 ↓ of talk shortened to 20 min).

For more info on the special case of using this software to detect metrical errors, see the "Scan GRETIL" page and the above-mentioned paper.


I'd love to hear from you. My name is Tyler (Academia, LinkedIn) and my Gmail is tyler.g.neill.


For those so inclined: